Affinity Organizations, Fund Raising

Are you a member of a Large Organization, Alumni Group or Association that relies on Fund Raising and Contributions?

If so Utility Choice Savings can help!

“My Affinity Power” is a low cost Electricity, Natural Gas, and Energy Saving Products Program backed by Utility Choice Savings, an experienced, licensed energy broker. Through “My Affinity Power” your Organization can generate much needed ongoing contributions. We provide custom turnkey fundraising programs specifically designed to help support the missions of large Aggregate Groups and Affinity Organizations.

Your Members will continue to receive top quality energy service delivered by local suppliers they know and trust. Through Utility Choice Savings they have the opportunity to not only save money but also support your Organization financially.

Imagine, each time someone in your Organization turns up the heat, cooks dinner, or turns on a light, they are generating an ongoing contribution, with products they are already using and money they are already spending.

Utility Choice Savings Management has the record of delivering customer satisfaction you can rely on and the comfort of knowing your members energy supply is receiving the care and attention it deserves.

Contact us for more information on my Affinity Power Program and start saving money and generating contributions now!  

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