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Fixed Rate vs Variable Market Rate

When comparing pricing against your local Utility it is important to know if you are comparing to a fixed rate or a variable rate.

Variable Rate

A Variable Rate fluctuates from month to month based on market conditions, just as many rates at local Utility Companies do.

For example, early in the heating season a variable rate may be slightly lower that a fixed rate because the demand at that time is lower. As demand increases the cost of energy rises pushing the variable rate higher or as we experienced during the 2013-2014 “Polar Vortex” variable rates can spike, resulting in significantly higher energy rates.

Fixed Rate

A Fixed Rate remains the same each month over the length of your contract, regardless of market demands.

A fixed price may begin slightly higher than a variable rate because suppliers must project future market increases and lock in future energy purchases to insure you of energy supply at the agreed upon fixed rate.

This will protect you from market volatility and rate increases or spikes, providing you the locked in security of a known contracted price that won’t increase over the term of your contract.

In effect, a fixed rate is a “Polar Vortex Protection Plan”.


How to Compare Utility Choice Savings pricing?

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Electricity & Natural Gas Plans & Pricing

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Many States Public Utilities Commissions have deregulated Electricity supply and Natural Gas supply, introducing cost saving competition to their Energy Markets. They have been deregulated making the previously monopolized market, a free competitive marketplace, helping to drive down prices. You can now take control of your Energy Costs and choose a lower priced Energy Supply Company through Senior Energy Savings.

Through Utility Choice Savings you now have a choice when selecting your Electricity or Natural Gas supplier for your home or business in many deregulated states. These are products you must have and are already purchasing. You continue to receive your energy service through you current utility company from suppliers you know and trust. There is no additional cost to you, a true win win.

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Commercial Quotes

For MID SIZED and LARGER BUSINESSES Utility Choice Savings will provide you an ENERGY COST SAVING ANALYSIS on your next energy contract.

Requesting a CUSTOM QUOTE for your business is Easy, Fast and Safe. Simply click on REQUEST A QUOTE, fill in your company and usage information .  

Utility Choice Savings will provide you with a custom quote and an Energy Savings Analysis.