Who Is Utility Choice Savings?

Utility Choice Savings is a national energy firm helping Residential and Commercial customers reduce their electricity and Heating Supply costs. We also aggregate large groups of customers and research aggressively priced, reliable Electricity, Natural Gas and Solar Power Installations.

We not only serve the residential and commercial marketplace with their Electricity and Natural Gas supply but we provide additional custom turnkey programs specifically designed for large Aggregate Groups and Affinity Organizations.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at:  info@utilitychoicesavings.com

If I change to another Electricity or Natural Gas company will my Utility Company be angry and might I lose power?

There is no risk of losing your power because you change to another supplier. Your power will still be delivered by your current Utility Companies wires or pipes.

You still remain their delivery customer and they will still charge to deliver your power, just as they do now. The only difference you will see is your  new supplier’s name in the supply section of your bill along with their new rate for your energy supply.

If I enroll with Utility Choice Savings will I stop being a customer of my current utility?

You will continue to be a customer of your current utility company. They will continue to deliver your electricity and or Natural Gas. The only change you will see is your new supplier’s name in the supply section of your bill along with their new rate for your energy supply. 

What happens if I lose power?

Your utility will continue to respond to outages and other emergencies just as they always have.

Will I get two bills to pay?

That depends on who your current Utility Company is. Many Utilities support combined billing. If yours does you will continue to receive one bill for the delivery charges and the supply. The only difference you’ll see on the bill is  the name of your new supplier and their charges in  the supply portion of your bill. You make one payment to your Utility Company just like you do now. 

Does Utility Choice Savings have Green Energy?

Our electricity is purchased through the Regional Power Pool which accepts electricity generated by wind, Bio-Mass and Hydro. In addition, much of the electricity generated by our suppliers is from clean natural gas which is much cleaner than coal.

We offer our customers the opportunity to purchase Green Energy as well as carbon offsets to support 100% Green products. 

 Can Utility Choice Savings help my business save on its electricity and Heating costs?

Yes, Utility Choice Savings serves Residential, Commercial and Industrial customers. We also provide additional custom turnkey programs specifically designed to help support the missions of large aggregate groups and affinity organizations.

 If I enroll, who will be my energy supplier?

Utility Choice Savings researches electricity and heating product suppliers to provide our customers with aggressively priced supply from leading Electricity, Natural Gas, Heating Oil and Propane suppliers.  When you enroll with Utility Choice Savings, you will be switched from your current supplier to your new supplier. Your current Utility Company still provides all customers with delivery and repair services.

What if I am on my Utilities Electricity or Natural Gas Assistance Program?

You cannot continue to receive the EAP benefits if you switch to a new supplier.  Consequently, you should stay with